Belgian Knockout

A new event on Belgian Soil. We’re ready! Are you?


Giving golf the image of the 21st century.

Pieters Productions asked us if we could take care of all aspects of the branding, online and offline communication, video and marketing for the Belgian Knockout.

This huge project started with the vision of the Pieters family, to bring a modern touch to the golf industry, and also to bring back an official European Tour event into Belgium after 18 years of absence.

Creating the solid brand loved by old and young golf fanatics.

OWOW took the lead in the development of all communicational materials, both online as offline. This resulted in a broad package of promotional assets such as website, 3rd party bannering, social media strategy and posts, all event print material, and production of the video commercial of BKO 2018 and 2019.

Our strength is offering the total package, so we can take care of the complete experience for all visitors and volunteers involved.

The downside of every four day event, is that it all passes by too quickly. And that’s why we came up with the Belgian Club Knockout, a nation wide tournament for all Belgian amature golfers with its grand finale at the official BKO course.

According to the European Tour, the Belgian Knockout takes the lead as a digital partner, OWOW couldn’t more proud with that recognition.