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Year: 2016
Client: Facturis / Rabobank
Job: Communication Strategy / Brand Development / Concept Design

Your optimal financial situation with Facturis.


Facturis is an online platform build for Dutch companies, large or small, to optimize their cashflow. Facturis does so, by offering multiple financial services. The company is one of the innovative subsidiaries in the Rabobank portfolio.

Nature as a
metaphor for
your financial flow

Facturis contributes to a better cashflow within companies, by optimizing the flow of your invoices coming in and going out. This results in an optimal cashflow. What better metaphor can be used when thinking of optimal flows, the route with the least resistance? Nature. Its suits perfectly, as we developed the Facturis brand in a premium, calm and clear way.

We never build something similar, but can deliver something awesome for you as well.

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