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We are always looking for new highly motivated wizkids from around the world.


Digital Design Director Fulltime Explore
Full Stack Developer Fulltime Explore
Front-end Developer Fulltime Explore
Android Developer Fulltime Explore
iOS Developer Fulltime Explore
Back-end Developer Fulltime Explore
Project Manager Fulltime Explore
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Intern UX Designer Fulltime Explore
Intern Front-end Developer Fulltime Explore
Intern Back-end Developer Fulltime Explore
Intern Android Developer Fulltime Explore
Intern iOS Developer Fulltime Explore
Intern Marketing / Communication Fulltime Explore

    OWOW stands for the Omnipresent World of Wizkids. OWOW is a breeding ground for various designers, developers and marketers, dedicated to create remarkably beautiful things with impact. Interns, trainees, juniors, mediors or seniors, we make your goals, our goals, as we are a family and family always comes first.

    Over the years, OWOW is one of the fastest growing agencies in the Netherlands. Our team has evolved uncontrollably from a group of colleagues to a 20+ people family. We welcome you on board to become a new wizkid, in our omnipresent world.

    We are the omnipresent world of wizkids   We are the omnipresent world of wizkids  

    We’re not seriously running a very serious business.

    Check our culture