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Year: 2015
Client: MyOrder / Rabobank
Job: Brand Identity / Strategy / Web / Communication

A brand new brand to ‘Order Life Easy’.

Re-branding MyOrder

People waste about two to three years of their life waiting in queues. Pretty ridiculous in times were the most innovative technologies are available. The more time you save, the more time you can spend in a bar, drinking with friends, for example. OWOW was invited to develop a completely new experience for and interaction with MyOrder users. We defined a smart strategy and developed a strong brand that suits the large and broad target groups of this fast-moving start-up, based in Amsterdam.

Custom personality, Custom font

We developed a custom font for MyOrder to match its bold but friendly personality. The font was used in all communications, in two variations, making sure everything was custom. Because everything we do is nice, but never use it twice.

We also designed a beacon, why not.

MyOrder is constantly seeking for innovative ways to connect with it’s users and we are proud to contribute with our ideas and future concepts. One of their latest developments, is a new product SideKick, which connects with people in-store by the use of iBeacon technology. This makes the customer experience so much more easier, and that’s exactly what the brand stands for. Order life easy.

We never build something similar, but can deliver something awesome for you as well.

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