AkzoNobels global innovation challenge


AkzoNobel initiated a global startup challenge to evolve their innovative solutions and therefore requested our expertise in startups.

We were delighted to help accelerate open innovation in the paints and coatings industry, by doing what we do best.

We started building a strong brand identity by thoroughly analyzing the market, and creating an overall communication strategy of the Paint the Future challenge, followed by a strong online marketing campaign to get the best startups from around the globe interested.

We guided the entire web design process and made sure it was visible for startups from all over the world, while also making it clear how and where they could submit their ideas.

We added a tracking system to monitor the entire website and its applications performance to maximize visibility of Paint the Future online.

As a result, we increased the engagement rate of the campaign’s media pages, and attracted 1076 participants and 160 submissions from around the globe divided over the 5 themes.