Painting the future by creating a worldwide innovation challenge.

AkzoNobel commissioned OWOW to create the brand around their latest worldwide innovation challenge, Paint the Future. Our support included a complete brand identity and guidance all online channels to attract startups from around the globe to apply for the challenge.

We designed a strong brand by thoroughly analyzing the paints and coatings industry and by blending in our experience of working with over 300 startups over the years. The result is a colorful brand and online marketing campaign that attracts, but still hints to AkzoNobel.

We guided the entire web design process and made sure it was visible for startups from all over the world, while also making it clear how and where they could submit their ideas.

Both on the UX and UI front, we made sure the road to a submission was abundantly clear. Beautiful, functional and effective.

Because of the international attention the campaign gathered, media attention from all corners of the globe covered the campaign. Combined with an effective advertising campaign we collaborated on, Paint the Future was an international success.

We added a tracking system to monitor the entire website and its applications performance to maximize visibility of Paint the Future online.

As a result, we increased the engagement rate of the campaign’s media pages, and attracted 1076 participants and 160 submissions from around the globe divided over the 5 themes.