Creating a clean and consistent concept for a smart thermostat

The brief

ATAG — a Dutch manufacturer and supplier of heating appliances, wanted to provide their customers a smart thermostat that would give a consistent experience between their physical thermostat, the accompanying app and a web portal.

The concept, called ATAG One, was designed by OWOW back in 2014. All three devices were equally important as there was quite a large percentage in the target audience that didn’t have a smartphone yet.

Aiming to provide the most simple user experience on all three outlets, we started with a smart concept for the thermostat, as it had only three buttons to work with.

Next up, we translated that design into the app and web platform for one not only clean, but also consistent design.

Clean and consistent design

On all three devices; the physical thermostat, the accompanying app and a web portal.

We have created a dark-themed interface across platforms, so when not in use, the thermostat is off and clean.

Besides black, the two primary colors associated with temperatures, red and blue, give intuitive indication of warm and cold temperatures.

Custom numbers, custom temperatures

The most important part within a thermostat, is obviously temperature. And that’s why we created a fully custom numbers font for ATAG and translated the shapes used into all icons within the concept.