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We created the mobile Apps and platform for europes hottest stress measuring stratup.

The Brief

MoNoA is one of the high potential Health/Tech startups from Europe, that has created a hardware device that is able to measure your stress based on GSR, body temperature and movement. OWOW got asked to create the complete digital infrastructure & user experience for MoNoA.

Along with this, we created a mobile app that collects stress data over bluetooth from MoNoA’s hardware. The app gives users the tools to measure and manage their stress. A web app displays the users stress level in clear graphs for coaches to follow up on their students all connected by highly secured backend architecture to keep medical data safe and secure.

Launch website

User Experience Design

Monitoring and Communicating stress are two completely different ball games. You have to be very careful with what a user is shown. Our UX & UI designers worked very close with stress experts and therapists in order to find the balance with how to communicate stress and lead users in the right direction to manage their stress.

A custom Bluetooth Low Energy protocol in both the device firmware and iOS/Android app

The Bluetooth connection is integrated in the onboarding of the MoNoA app and requires very little user interaction. After the first connection, the time is synced with the device, and the device starts measuring the users stress and activity level with regular intervals.

Aside from the data transfer and time synchronisation, the BLE protocol also allows for device calibration and supports a real time measurement mode, where measurements are directly sent to the phone instead of being written to flash memory.

All digitals outlets aligned

A Dark & Light mode design that is synchronised across all digital outlets, making the user experience aligned on the web app, mobile app & commercial website.

Our designers and developers create systems together, in pursuit of maximum efficiency.

As design and development need to be aligned more and more, we create design systems that our developers know how to use and the other way around. 

A Design & Develop system makes it possible for a project to run smoother than ever. Decisions can be made based on systems we create together ahead of time. instead of having to rely on one or two decision makers.

The Architecture

The core of the backend application and APIs are written in the PHP framework Laravel. There is a strong focus on open APIs from the start to fit MoNoA’s growth strategy. This makes it easy for other services to interface with our datasets. Connections can only be established with a valid token on a secured connection.

This is particularly useful if you only want to allow trusted parties to access certain areas of your application. By default OWOW uses a League OAuth 2.0 Server to protect our API with access tokens, or allow clients to request new access tokens and refresh them. 

OWOW Wiggle App
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