Rabobank asked us to create the bookkeeper of the future

The brief

The Rabobank, one of the leading banks in the Netherlands, asked us to design and market the bookkeeper of the future; Tellow. 

As OWOW is one of Rabobank’s main partners in their innovation lab, we were involved from the start shared all our startup knowledge and expertise.

The design is based on the idea of your mom giving you simple tasks and guiding you.

Tellow is changing the game for all self-employed in the Netherlands

We took on the challenge of creating an app that people need to trust, without the feeling of a bookkeeper or bank. Instead of showing you all your data, we designed the app in such a way it only only tells you what to do when you need to do it.

Alongside the App we started creating the Brand, from branding workshops around the name, logo and payoff, to brand elements for website, focussing on the Dutch B2C market.

We needed a brand that could talk to people in their language, not the language of a bank.

We don't stop at the edge of your phone

Bookkeeping should be possible anywhere, at any time. We made sure Tellow was all around for its users.

Cross Platform

The Tellow app is available on all Android and iOS. However the platform is also available in browsers, extending the possibilities across to computers and laptops too.

Creating a solid brand that speaks to its audience.

Delivering ten thousands of leads in year one alone.

After ensuring Tellows product, was backed by a strong brand, our next goal was to market the product in the best possible way. Their app and desktop platform, had so many unique feature that were crucial to commicate when targetting 1M Dutch self-employed.

We designed, developed and constantly optimized the commercial website and growth hacked marketing campaigns for Tellow. As a result, in the first year alone, we managed to oversee our KPI by 20% and delivered tens of thousands leads.

Online impressions
Online impressions