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Year: 2017
Client: Tellow / Rabobank
Job: Communication Strategy / Brand Development

The brand that talks like it’s your mom.

Hello Tellow

Meet Tellow, your financial fellow. It’s your bookkeeper and bank in one, making money matters simple for Dutch entrepreneurs. The brand is developed around the product, and the product is developed around all the different things, Dutch entrepreneurs need to do. Keep up with your expenses, taxes, invoices and so much more. Tellow, the brand talking to you like it’s your mom.

A brand build from a product point of view

Bookkeeping and banking are often made more difficult than actually needed. That’s why we came up with three simple tabs. Income, expenses, and your financial results. Shouldn’t be much more difficult than that, and that’s exactly what the app offers you. To make things even more simple, we color coded the whole product which is translated in the branding, my fellow.

See the Tellow product

We never build something similar, but can deliver something awesome for you as well.

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