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Year: 2017
Client: Tellow / Rabobank
Job: Branding / Identity

The brand that talks like it’s your mom.

Your financial fellow

Meet Tellow, your bookkeeper and bank in one. It will help you make your finance easy and keep it that way, by telling you what to do at all times. Just like your mom would do in the early days.


Finance made simple

Your income, your expenses, and with that, your financial results. That’s what an entrepreneur should deal with. Shouldn’t be much more difficult than that, and that’s exactly what Tellow offers you. To make things even more simple, these three topics are color coded throughout the whole product.

A clean desk policy

Nothing more annoying than unhandled notifications. Within Tellow, all your tasks are always high lighted, lifted from the rest, making sure you handle them. When being handled, the tasks fade in the rest of the interface. Yes, Tellow maintains a clear desk policy and you’ll love it.

A product as the base for the brand development

Income, expenses, and your financial results. Those are the three main topics we want Tellow users to keep in mind. Just three topics, designed in a logic and color coded user interface, to keep things as simple as possible. To make things even more simple, Tellow tells you what to do when using the product. All the time. This is the base for the further development of the brand.

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We never build something similar, but can deliver something awesome for you as well.

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