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Year: 2015
Client: Thomas Pieters
Job: Brand Identity / Website Design / Website Development

A promising online presence for the most promising golf player on the globe.

Thomas Pieters

One of the most promising golf players around the globe, at this very moment, goes by the name of Thomas Pieters (Belgium). Thomas was introduced to golf, at the age of 5 years old. “Wow, that escalated quickly”, Will Ferrell would have said.

Thomas is flying all over the world to compete with the best of the best golf players alive. A man like Thomas, needs a top notch online presence. And that’s where OWOW came in.

It’s all about the statistics.

It’s all about the stats. Especially within the world of sports. Thomas’ website is constantly updated with all the scores and stats worldwide. This keeps all his fans up to date, from Tokyo to Antwerpen, from Chicago to Dubai.

Keep a close eye on these stats, as they will only improve over time. Go Thomas, go!

“OWOW just made me feel so special I can’t stop Googling myself.”

— Thomas Pieters

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