Experience the game of golf like never before.

Strategy / Brand Identity / UX / UI Design / App Development / Web Development / Marketing / Video / Sound design / Business Development

Users should put time in playing golf instead of learning to understand the interface.

The UX design is kept as close as possible to well known patterns. The most difficult challenge for these kind of apps is retention, therefor we added small but powerful features in the MVP of the App, in order for people to return and keep on using the App.

While creating WAMP, OWOW was also responsible for the branding and communication the largest golf event in Belgium, the Belgian Knockout (BKO). We saw an opportunity in joining forces, which lead us to present the idea of letting WAMP build the official, one of a kind, leaderboard for the BKO. This not only meant BKO would have an opportunity to present their tournament with a unique leaderboard, it also meant WAMP would get exposure to 2.5 Million golf enthousiasts following the BKO from all around the world.