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Year: 2014
Client: Converse Allstars x Footlocker
Job: Advertisement Campaign / Concept / Product Design

An advertisement campaign for the new Allstar Chuck Taylor shoe.

Winter Sessions

Every month Converse and Foot Locker release an ‘Exclusive’ – a Chuck special only for sale at Foot Locker. Of course these need love on all their social channels. As their main advertisement agency in the Netherlands, SuperHeroes Amsterdam invited amazing artists from all over the globe to share their interpretations on these ‘Exclusive’ sneakers. You can’t unleash the creative spirit without opening up to it, right?

And so OWOW got invited to do a session with the Lucky Shoe, together with the talented Dutch music producer ZES. The outcome was an inspiring jamming session, including some prototypes of our musical instruments.

From concept
to real products.

Using the Midis

For several years we tested, developed and prototyped our own musical instruments. This is a range of midi devices, that enable you to have more fan while producing music. The concept and technology behind the Midis, functions as perfect future gear for advertisement campaigns like this one, or the Real Booty Music campaign for AIAIAI. Luckily, we finally finished the development of the Midis they are available for you and all your musician friends. Say what? Take me to these badboys, please!


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